Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Start

I had always dreamed of having kids and after a few years of trying god blessed us with a beautiful baby boy. After getting him home he was throwing up constantly and for hours after eating. I kept getting the same response out of the Doctors that it was acid reflux, we had stopped breast feeding and had to start formula trying to get him to keep food in his body for him to grow. Finally at 6 months they sent us to a specialist that diagnosed him with a Processed Sugar Intolerance. So began the great formula search of 2010, most formulas and even the ones that are for reducing spit up, have corn syrup solids in them; Enfamil AR was the only one we could use with minimal spit up. When J started eating solids I made all his baby food because of the risk of some form of processed sugar that the manufacturer may have added. Now J is a happy extremely healthy 21 month old, we also have a 5 month old that has been diagnosed also but since we know the cause I have cut almost all my processed sugar ( I gots to have my coffee) out of my diet and he is doing great!

It's amazing what we will eat and not even think about having sugar in it, Mac and Cheese, chicken strips, Peanut butter,and pasta sauce, there is even a national food chain that puts dextrose on their french fries. My intent is not to step on any ones toes and I am in no way a nutritionist but to give you the opportunity for great recipes that you can use if your child has the same condition as my boys, you just want to be healthier, or another reason.

Studies have also been done on children with ADHD and Autism showing that a diets free of processed sugars has helped behavior, and in some cases, has completely taken children off the medications they were on to control their disorders. It should be noted that some of these cases are in conjunction with the Celiac Diet (gluten free), but certainly not all. I have noticed that when I'm looking for a quick snack for J these days I can look for gluten free crackers and usually the nuts or rice they use are sweet enough not to have any added sugars.

Now when I say processed sugars I'm talking about but not limited to glucose, fructose, high fructose, dextrose, galactose, sucrose, lactose, maltose, trisaccharides,oligosaccharides, corn syrup, crystalline fructose, cane sugar regular or organic, cane juice regular or organic, and maltose. There are many others and they are listed in the long list of other ingredients in pre packaged products that you can't read.

After that long list of no-nos there are a few ways I have found to make food sweet. Now around here we love our cakes, cookies, pies and any other sweet treats we can think up. Instead of processed sugar we use Agave nectar, either the syrup or the powder, Agave is what they make tequila out of but is an awesome sweetener and there are several different types for what ever you are looking for and has no horrible after taste like the artificial sweeteners. We also use real Maple syrup (not the Mrs. Butterworths) which you can make into maple sugar by boiling it down to the crystal form or you can cheat and buy it already done, like I do :) And last but not least the original sugar fruit puree. There are days that I wish it was just as simple as using maple sugar in place of brown sugar, and using the agave instead of white sugar; but its not. The natural sugars tend to be sweeter than the processed and that's why the trial and error that I have gone through will take out the guessing so you don't have to.

More to come

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